Would you like to have your child seen without having to come to the office?  All of our doctors are offering Telemedicine appointments from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 8am-12pm.  We also have After Hour Telemedicine appointments from 5pm-830pm Monday-Thursday and 1pm-5pm Saturday and Sunday.  Call our office today to see if Telemedicine is right for you!

Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communication, where appointments are conducted through videoconferencing, using secure real-time video and sound software, to connect with your doctor.

What are the expected benefits of Telemedicine?

  • Provides patients with the opportunity to remain in the comfort of their own home while still receiving care from a physician
  • Less time out of work and school for appointments
  • The ability to ask questions about illnesses and receive diagnosis and treatment plans in situations where you may not normally have access or the ability to travel to the office
  • Reduce the need for urgent care, after-hours visits-providing more continuity of care for your child and a less expensive alternative

Tips for a great Telemedicine Visit:

  • Have your child with you in a well lit room that is a quiet and free of distractions as possible
  • Visits work best if you use your smartphone
  • Log in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appoinment time
  • Log in using the patients name
  • Tools to have available, a thermometer, a flashlight or other light source and your childs weight or a scale
  • The doctore may have you help with your child's physical exam, like push on their belly, take their temperature, amongst other things

To access the telemed waiting room copy and paste the URL of your assigned provider to your browser and follow the steps.

  • Dr. Alfred Alvarez -
  • Dr. Alpana Grover -
  • Dr. Antigone Athanasatos (Dr. Andie) -
  • Dr. Beatriz Sankey -
  • Dr. Charlene Weber -
  • Dr. Christing Armstrong -
  • Dr. Christine Booth -
  • Dr. Dolores Razman -
  • Dr. Duane Rommel -
  • Dr. Efstratios (Dino) Pantages -
  • Dr. James Dwyer -
  • Dr. Janet Black -
  • Dr. Jay Klein -
  • Dr. Jennifer Sawka -
  • Dr. Khan Adnan (Dr. Addy) -
  • Dr. Lara Cavanaugh -
  • Dr. Lisa Cronin -
  • Dr. Natasha Hughes -
  • Dr. Paul Mitchell -
  • Dr. Sonia Farooqi -
  • Dr. Taylor Alberdi Bradley -