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The Summer Slide: the slide backwards that many children make over the summer months in regard to the skills they learned in school, often reading and math. It can have a significant impact on their ability to get back into the swing of things come fall.

Even the brightest children can fall victim to the summer slide. It doesn’t need a long period of time to occur, just a couple of weeks away from school can soften the skills previously learned. There are a number of ways to keep your child’s brain in the game as they enjoy the summer break. Try these three ways to prevent the summer slide:

Pick Six

Research shows that reading just six books over the summer can help children from regressing. Help your child choose six books that are just right for their skill level, not too hard and not too easy. Your local library can be a great resource for choosing books that are a good fit, as well as providing reading programs that help motivate kids to read.

Reading out loud can benefit young children and even older ones that tend to struggle when it comes to reading. Parents can read news articles with teens to practice as well as to keep up with current events. Reading aloud on a level above their current skill level will help them increase their knowledge and apply it when reading on their own.

Play Games

Math is a subject that tends to get ignored over the summer break. In fact, the National Association for Summer Learning shows that “students lose approximately two months of math skills in the summer if they don’t participate in some sort of educational activity over the break.”

Some easy ways to incorporate math into your summer include:

  • Flash cards: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Card games: counting, matching, sorting
  • Board games: counting, matching, problem-solving
  • Cooking: measuring, ratios and proportions

Keep It Manageable

It’s easy to get distracted over the summer break, when you’re out of school and away from your normal routine. Incorporating a little bit into each day, as little as 20 minutes, can help prevent the summer slide.

Make time as a family every day to read, work math problems, solve puzzles or play a game. When activities are done as a family, it’s more fun and seems less like schoolwork. 

Summertime is fun and it still can be with the inclusion of a few educational activities that will help prevent the summer slide. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning or cognitive skills, call us to set up a consultation. We are available at our four office locations or by telemedicine.

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After a long school year your child is probably excited to spend summer relaxing and free of school stress. But as parents, we want to make sure our children don’t fall behind and forget everything they learned throughout the year. So what can you do to help your child retain the skills they learned this year? Here is what parents need to know about summer slide and how reading can help minimize the risk of summer regression: 

What Is Summer Slide?


Summer slide is the term used to refer to the regression experienced by students during the summer. Most teachers expect students to return to school in the fall with some level of regression in reading and math skills. Teachers then have to make up for this regression during the new school year. It has long been estimated that students lose between 1 and 3 months-worth of school-year skills during the summer. The 2015 MAP Growth Norms Study found that between third and fourth grade, students lost about 20% of their reading and 27% of their math school-year gains. If those numbers sound concerning, you’ll be even more concerned about middle school. During the summer between seventh and eighth grade, students lost about 36% of their reading and 50% of their math school-year gains. Some research also suggests there is a connection between socioeconomic class, summer slide, and the achievement gap.

How Reading During The Summer Prevents Summer Slide


One of the best ways to prevent summer slide is to encourage your child to read regularly throughout the summer. During the summer, children should continue to read a minimum of 20 minutes every day. This is the same expectation they have during the school year. Some teachers and schools provide books to children at the end of the school year to help get them started. You should also help encourage your child to read throughout the summer. You can encourage kids by taking them to the library, reading together, and listening to audio books in the car. Your child may also be encouraged if they see you read regularly. You should also regularly discuss what your child likes and doesn’t like about the books they are reading. You can also ask them what they learned from the book. Doing this will help their review and comprehension skills. You could also have your child write a summary of the book or chapter they read to practice writing skills.

Annual Wellness Visits Are Important For A Successful School Year


Your child’s success in school directly impacts their overall growth and development. This is why their pediatrician discusses concerns about success in school during your child’s annual well-child visit. To schedule your child’s annual well-child exam with one of our board-certified pediatricians, contact Children’s Medical Center today. We have four convenient office locations in Palm Harbor, Westchase, Trinity, and Lutz. We also have extended hours and are open 7 days a week! We look forward to helping your child prepare for their next school year!