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Summertime is also often physical time for children. Your child may need a physical before they return to school, to participate in a new sport or a new season of a sport, or to attend a summer camp. Many parents know they can go to a walk-in clinic or a pop-up event for these physicals. But you may not know why it is important to have your child’s physical completed by their own pediatrician. Here are the reasons your child’s physicals should always be done by their own pediatrician:

Physical Exams Done By Pediatricians Are More Thorough And Accurate


Children grow and change a lot in a years’ time. It is important for them to receive regular annual physical check-ups to ensure they are growing and developing appropriately. Annual physicals also allow you to address any existing concerns with their health and well-being. Recognizing the importance of routine physicals to your child’s overall health and safety, state laws require physicals for certain activities. Physicals must be completed before children can participate in activities such as sports, summer camps, and before entering certain grades. Sport and camp physicals ensure your child is healthy and strong enough to take part in required activities for their sport or camp. School physicals ensure your child is prepared for a healthy and successful school year. Because these physicals affect your child’s overall health care, it is important for their own pediatrician to do them. Your child’s pediatrician will complete a more thorough and accurate medical history review and physical examination.

Pediatricians Already Know Your Child’s Medical History


The first part of a physical involves a review of your child’s medical history. Your child’s pediatrician already has detailed records about your child and knows your child’s health history. This allows them to complete a more thorough and accurate review of your child’s medical history. Walk-in clinics and pop-up physical events will review only the areas required by the physical forms. But they will not know enough about your child to thoroughly discuss and address important underlying health and safety topics. They also cannot address medical history topics that you may have forgotten.

Your Child Will Be More Comfortable With Their Own Pediatrician


During the physical examination, expect your child’s pediatrician to check their:

  •          Height and weight
  •          Blood pressure and pulse
  •          Vision and hearing
  •          Heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat
  •          Posture, joints, strength, and flexibility

The physical exam will also include personal questions based on your child’s age, sex, and growth and development. For example, your daughter’s pediatrician may ask questions relating to her menstrual cycle. Having the physical completed by your child’s pediatrician ensures your child will be comfortable enough to answer personal questions that arise during the exam honestly.

Schedule Your Child’s School, Sports, or Camp Physical Today


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